SuccessEHS for iPad

SuccessEHS for iPad from Greenway Health/SuccessEHS

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"SuccessEHS for iPad," an application allowing full access to all features and functions of the SuccessEHS system on the iPad, is currently in production and available in the Apple Store.

Portability features:
Clinicians can carry the iPad into the exam room with no cords and no reason to plug into an Ethernet system. There is no more need for desktops in exam rooms or even for nurses.
Battery life is approximately 10 hours, so the machine can stay with the clinician all day.
Physicians' speed is improved by the ability to:
Create and maintain patient records.
Create complete billing (which is optimized by the system).
Access the Web and show information or pictures to patients detailing their conditions.
Access patient delay information to speed the workflow process.
Access an Executive Digital Dashboard which provides a fast snapshot of the practice's or community health center's operations (with drill-down capabilities).
Enter lab orders and review lab results (including checking on delays).
Nurse productivity is increased by:
Accessing information from any station.
Scheduling urgent visits from the exam room.·
SuccessEHS - Your Success. Our Ability.


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